Questions about Blunts

What are Blunts?

Blunts are a revolutionary flavoured rolling paper.  The ‘Easy Roll Tube’ is a favourite with people who love to smoke.  Blunts consist of 60% paper and 40% tobacco.  During the creation process, the Blunts are infused with flavour for a smooth and tasty experience.

What does the flavour do to the smoke?

The Blunt flavours will change the taste of your smoke slightly.  However, it all depends on how strong your tobacco is.  They are not designed to totally ‘replace’ the flavour of your smoke, but you will taste the flavour on your lips.

Blunts have also been known to help mask the smell of your smoke.  When smoking indoors, the secondary smoke smell often smells like the blunts flavour.

What does it smell like?

The aroma given off by a Blunt smoke is a different to using regular papers.  The smoke gives off an aroma of which ever Blunt flavour you choose. 

Many customers have mentioned:  "When we smoke out Blunts indoors, the aroma from a Blunt smoke is very different, it almost masks the smell."

What kind of smoke can I put in these Blunts?

You can put any kind of tobacco or herb inside these Blunts.

How much do Blunts cost?

RRP is $3.50.  Promotion: Buy 2 get 1 free! *Available in most stores.

Blunts seem expensive for a Rolling Paper?

Blunts are a quality paper made with a Cigar Leaf and has a flavour infusion.  The experience will speak for itself.

A couple of other things about Blunts:-

  • The Blunts burns slowly, no more toking half the smoke at once!
  • The Blunts won't go out, no more re-lighting half way through your smoke and burning your lips!

Where can I get them?

Click here to find your nearest retailer.

How do I use them?

Blunts come as one large paper, you can roll one big smoke or cut the paper in half and roll two smokes. (When you cut in half, your smoke is just a little shorter than a Zig-Zag paper.)

- Open Blunts packet.
- Unroll blunt tube
- Remove Plastic Straw and dispose.
- Add your smoke.
- Roll back up.
- Lick the sticky side and seal! 

When licking your Blunts to seal, make sure the paper is stuck down!  Blunts can not be stuck together as quickly as Zig-Zags.  Do your final roll slowly to ensure a good stick with the Blunt paper.

How long will the Blunts last for?

When Blunts are manufactured, they are sealed with moisture.  After opening, try to use immediately.  If you put the blunt back in the packet after opening, it could stay moist for upto 2 days.

The Blunt paper will dry out if left exposed out of the packet for more than 2 hours.

I use Zig-Zigs, why are Blunts so special?

The Blunts experience is much more enjoyable Zig-Zags!
However, Blunts do cost a lot more than Zig-Zags. 

Blunts can be used as an alternative.  Whether it be a special occasion, party or just the weekend,  you can always find the time to spoil yourself and enjoy a nice roll!

What is the best way to roll?

Traditional rolling would make the shape of the blunt into a cylinder.  Our American friends suggest that, the best way, is rolling the blunt tube on a angle so that the blunt forms a slight cone shape.  Thinner at the filter, fatter at the end!!

My Blunt doesn't seem to stick?

The Blunt papers have a sticky edge.  When you unroll the Blunt for the first time, the first edge when opening is the sticky edge.  Remember this! 
It helps if you lick both edges, the sticky edge and the side you intend to stick to. If it is not sticking well, lick it again and give it a good squeeze for 3 seconds. With a moist Blunt and a tight squeeze, your Blunt should stick!
Once the Blunt has stuck and dried out, it should not come undone.  It is recommended that you roll your smokes as soon as you open the Blunt packet.  Once rolled you can save them for later.

Can I use filters in my Blunt?

Yes, just include in your mix and roll as you normally would.

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